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Honda and Red Bull strengthen ties in 2022

Honda and Red Bull strengthen ties in 2022

05-10-2022 09:11 Last update: 09:23

Honda will intensify its collaboration with AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing. AlphaTauri reports this in a press release just before the start of the Japanese GP weekend.

Making a statement

For the rest of this season, the cooperation between the Japanese engine manufacturer and the two F1 teams is going to be strengthened. This also includes the collaboration between HRC and Red Bull Powertrains. What this means for the future is not yet entirely clear, but it is a step in the right direction for Honda, which threatened to be sidelined for Porsche at the beginning of this year.

The statement says that the partnership will be strengthened for the remainder of 2022, but it is quite conceivable that the brands are thereby betting on a long-term extension of the collaboration.

Indeed, Red Bull are currently still technically running a Honda engine, but its development has been taken over by the new Red Bull Powertrains. So for the rest of the season, Honda will return as a name sponsor. This means that the Honda logo will again be seen on the AlphaTauri and the Red Bull starting at the next GP weekend.

There has further been organized 'HRC Thanks Day' on November 27, where all Red Bull drivers will be present; Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Perez also has a bigger role to play in the partnership.

The Mexican will be an ambassador for the Honda Racing School (HRS). The collaboration between the Red Bull Junior program and the HRS bodes well for the future.

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