Patience Alonso runs out: Definitely disappointed now

Patience Alonso runs out: "Definitely disappointed now"

3 October - 18:34 Last update: 18:53

Fernando Alonso was fine to a solid race in Singapore. The Alpine driver did lose a position to rival Lando Norris in the opening stages, but the speed was fine. For several laps, he managed to keep Max Verstappen behind, until his Renault engine gave up the ghost. Alonso's patience is running out a bit.

The two-time world champion is currently ninth in the world championship. He has seven points less than Esteban Ocon. It frustrates him that he is still behind his teammate in the World Championship. According to him, it does not do justice to the relationships within the team. Alonso believes he could easily have been seventh in the championship, even above Norris.

"Definitely disappointed now to be here and not racing," Alonso began on Viaplay's camera about his DNF. "I think the performance over the weekend was very good again but we cannot finish the races and I’ve lost 50 points this year, with another 10 today, that’s 60 points. If you add 60 points to my standings, I think it’s more realistic to the performance that we are showing this year and unfortunately, we cannot see it in terms of points at some stage."

The Spaniard continued by saying it was not an easy Sunday for him: "It was difficult, I think for the dark, as for the new one, it’s very difficult to spot the dry line. Also behind cars there is a bit of spray that the visor reflects. So yeah, I was asking for some help from the team. Maybe on TV it was more clear.”

His failure at the Marina Bay Street Circuit was his second row and his fourth of 2022. With five Grands Prix to go, it is vital for Alpine to keep its equipment in one piece. Indeed, the French formation is in a tough battle for fourth place among constructors.

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