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Gasly not happy with AlphaTauri: 'There was no need for that at all'

Gasly not happy with AlphaTauri: 'There was no need for that at all'

3 October - 09:08


Pierre Gasly is not happy with his team's performance in Singapore. AlphaTauri decided to bring the Frenchman in early for slicks, but that gamble turned out completely wrong.

Gasly drove a strong weekend at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The driver, who appears headed for Alpine in 2023, qualified seventh and drove nicely in the top ten when it came time to change to slicks. However, where the Aston Martin and McLaren drivers stayed outside, AlphaTauri brought Gasly in early.

Gamble turns out wrong for Gasly

''We had everything in our hands and we threw it away because we decided to box too early. There was no communication, no dialogue, which I don’t fully understand why. And we took a gamble in a moment where we didn’t need to," said an exasperated Gasly after the race, according to Motorsportweek.com.

Where Gasly seemed headed for a big mountain of points, the gamble turned out wrong. Not only did the tyres not warm up fast enough, but a safety car helped the rivals in the saddle with a free pit stop. Gasly was overtaken by four cars and therefore finished on P10 with a paltry point as a result.

"Daniel was behind us, far behind, [but] stayed out on track, as we should have done it, and finished P5. So it’s, yeah, nine points that we lost and nine important points. So yeah, I’m just sad. And not happy with our performance," the French driver concluded.

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