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Another washout: Lots of rain forecast for Japanese Grand Prix

Another washout: Lots of rain forecast for Japanese Grand Prix

3 October - 08:55

After a wet Singapore Grand Prix, it certainly cannot be ruled out that it will also rain during the Japanese Grand Prix. predicts rain showers prior to and during the upcoming race weekend.

A week after the Singapore GP, the Formula 1 circus is off for the Japanese Grand Prix. Max Verstappen has his sights set on this race weekend, as the Dutchman can secure his second world title here. If he can do so in front of the Japanese fans, it would be very special for Honda.

Verstappen on his way to the title

However, it will not be an easy weekend, it now seems. 's forecasts show that there will be a lot of rain ahead of the race weekend. Rain is expected at the Suzuka circuit on Wednesday, Thursday and also Friday, and the temperature of 18 degrees on Friday does not help either. The chance of rain on Friday is as high as 96%.

On Saturday, it then clears up. It is partly cloudy, at 23 degrees and with only a 14 per cent chance of rain a lot better weather. However, that turns around a day later. On Sunday, it is 20 degrees, there are rain showers all day and a 76 per cent chance of it falling. Taking a title during a rain race at Suzuka, however, would make it even more special for Max, Red Bull and Honda.

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