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Fierce criticism of FIA and Mercedes: 'Wolff shows himself a bad loser'

Fierce criticism of FIA and Mercedes: 'Wolff shows himself a bad loser'

03-10-2022 08:25


Clarity should emerge this week regarding Red Bull Racing's possible budget cap breach. Without any concrete figures, the team bosses of Ferrari and Mercedes already seem to have their conclusions ready. According to Ralf Schumacher, it is therefore high time for the FIA to investigate itself, as there is apparently a leak at the top of the organisation.

Schumacher hints at possible leak at FIA

Earlier, Helmut Marko also expressed his concerns about figures being leaked even before the FIA finished its report. Wolff in particular spoke out several times on the issue and felt in advance that severe sanctions should follow for Red Bull. Schumacher agrees with Marko's words and finds it very bad that there is seemingly a leak at the top of the FIA. He, therefore, thinks the governing body has some explaining to do.

"We all know that a confidante and former employee of Toto Wolff now works at a very high position at the FIA," Schumacher told Sky Deutschland. "The FIA should launch an investigation into itself because this information simply must not come out. It harms Formula 1 and only the FIA can be to blame."

Schumacher is not only fierce in his criticism of the FIA, but also passes a clear judgement on Mercedes' team boss. " Whatever comes out on Wednesday, for me Toto Wolff with his harsh criticism is a bad loser who still has not processed the fact that he lost a title," said the former F1 driver.