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Windsor lyrical about Red Bull Racing: 'Verstappen and Perez best duo ever'

Windsor lyrical about Red Bull Racing: 'Verstappen and Perez best duo ever'

03-10-2022 07:09

Peter Windsor has praised Sergio Perez after the Singapore Grand Prix. The Mexican won the race in dominant fashion and showed once again that he is Max Verstappen's ideal teammate.

After a strong start, Perez grabbed the lead at the Marina Bay Street Circuit and he did not relinquish it. Charles Leclerc tried everything he could, but the Mexican was hardly at fault. After the Monaco Grand Prix, this is Perez's second win of the season, proving his worth on street circuits once again.

The class of Perez

''This circuit is perfect for Perez. His forte is how he loads the rear tyres as he comes out of slow corners. He is so good at that. I said yesterday, it would be very difficult to overtake him (in Singapore),'' Windsor said in his analysis on YouTube.

Perez's good performance stands out completely when compared to Verstappen's performance. The Dutchman was unlucky on Saturday that his petrol tank was empty, but throughout the weekend he could also be caught making several mistakes.

Red Bull has the best driver duo

''The three laps Max might have been on the front row (in qualifying), he made mistakes that Sergio did not make in Sector 2. If you do that three times, it's going to hurt you. That's where Sergio gained the front row. He made no mistakes. You saw a lot of errors from Max. That shows how good Perez's drive was.''

According to Windsor, that makes the driver duo at Red Bull Racing the very best duo in F1 at the moment. "There cannot be a better driver in the car next to Verstappen than Perez. It is the best driver combination ever. It's brilliant," concludes the former Williams team manager.