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Verstappen on why he left the track angry: 'It wasn't a statement'

Verstappen on why he left the track angry: 'It wasn't a statement'

02-10-2022 20:11 Last update: 03-10-2022 07:02


Max Verstappen will soon want to forget the Singapore Grand Prix. After a dramatic qualifying session on Saturday, the Dutchman finished only seventh. Verstappen leaves for Japan full of frustration and, for the time being, without a world title.

On Friday, Verstappen already had little action at the Marina Bay street circuit due to problems with his front suspension. In qualifying, Verstappen seemed well on his way to pole position, but the Dutchman had to abort his last two laps due to a lack of fuel on board. Verstappen left the track angrily and did not take part in Red Bull Racing's debrief.

"It's not that I wanted to make a statement by leaving, that's not the point. But that's just what I felt at that moment. There's no point in talking then", Verstappen says in conversation with De Telegraaf. With five races to go, the Red Bull driver still has plenty of chances to take home the world title. With his big lead, it is only a matter of time, but the Dutchman wants to keep performing optimally every weekend. "Because we messed up on Saturday, we put ourselves in this position."

Verstappen does not want to think about title in Japan just yet

Verstappen would love to win his second title at the Japanese Grand Prix at Honda's home circuit, but the Dutchman does not want to think about it too much yet after the poor weekend in Singapore. First, the weekend has to go well.

"A race like today and the battles in the midfield is not what I enjoy. I was stuck behind others, had a problem at the start and then also that braking at the restart. Worthless", says the 25-year-old driver.