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Red Bull: 'Some points interpreted differently by FIA'

Red Bull: 'Some points interpreted differently by FIA'

2 October - 13:04


There is currently much talk about Red Bull Racing's alleged violation of the 2021 budget cap. Helmut Marko says the FIA "sees the situation differently" from Red Bull on some points.

Marko on FIA investigation

Speaking to the German branch of Sky Sports, Marko reveals that there are "no concrete figures" yet. "From our point of view, there are some points where we see the situation differently from the FIA in terms of interpretation. And that has to be discussed," the Red Bull adviser indicated.

He continued: "We have issued a statement. Nothing has come back yet. If these points, six in total, if only two are taken into account, then we are under the budget cap, even massively. So what's floating around is complete nonsense."

Marko says he is more concerned about how these details have come into the open, despite the fact that there are no concrete figures yet. Earlier, the Austrian hinted at a possible leak within the FIA. Ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, the FIA will announce the outcome of the investigation.

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