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Horner frustrated: 'Verstappen was in perfect position'

Horner frustrated: 'Verstappen was in perfect position'

1 October - 15:30 Last update: 15:33


Christian Horner agrees that Red Bull Racing made a mistake in the Singapore Grand Prix. The British top man saw that Max Verstappen had more than enough speed for pole position, but due to not enough fuel in the tank, he could not finish his lap.

Red Bull goes wrong

"A miscalculation on our side, we fuelled the car for five laps." Horner began to tell Sky Sports. The tarmac dried up so quickly that Red Bull was given an extra lap to drive. Verstappen took eager advantage of this but really should have been told by his team earlier that a sixth lap was out of the question.

"He was perfectly placed. But we have to get the fuel sample. It was the hardest call in the world when you're two and a half seconds up on the lap time. But we obviously need the sample or you're starting from the pit lane. So frustrating but great pace in the car. Phenomenal performance from Checo, to miss out by two hundreds was tight for him"

A second world title does not seem to be coming in Singapore. "II think we made it harder for ourselves in P8 but we'll give it everything. Checo will need a good start tomorrow, it's a long race," said the Red Bull team boss.

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