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Schumacher calls Wolff statements 'ill-advised': 'He goes into such detail'

Schumacher calls Wolff statements 'ill-advised': 'He goes into such detail'

1 October - 12:58


Christian Horner gets support from Formula 1 experts Timo Glock and Ralf Schumacher. According to the former F1 drivers, it is not wise of Toto Wolff to go into detail about the possible budget cap overruns at different teams.

On Friday morning, reports emerged of two teams believed to have exceeded the budget cap limit in 2021. These would be Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin. Horner and Helmut Marko have spoken out harshly about Wolff's claims. According to the Mercedes team boss, it is an "open secret" in the paddock that two teams have broken the rules. The Austrian seems to know more about the figures, while Horner has confirmed that the FIA is still in talks with Red Bull to clarify several issues.

Wolff does not tackle it smartly

"How can such information come out if he has no information about the other teams, what the financial situation is like there?", Glock says in Sky Germany's broadcast. "There's a lot of speculation at the moment, and Toto [Wolff] is also ill-advised if he goes into such detail. My opinion: you should wait and see what happens first. I think discrediting someone should be done when it is proven and not before", Schumacher adds.

The German believes that a violation of the limit should definitely be punished, but at the moment it is only rumours. The FIA is expected to bring out more news on the teams' financial data next week.

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