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Verstappen the best in F1: ''Max has passed everyone''

Verstappen the best in F1: ''Max has passed everyone''

30 September - 07:44 Last update: 08:31

For Franz Tost, it is pretty clear who the best driver in Formula 1 is. According to the AlphaTauri team boss, Max Verstappen stands head and shoulders above them, but that does not mean he will win a lot of world titles.

In 2015, Verstappen made his F1 debut with Toro Rosso. The team that now goes by the name AlphaTauri was led by Tost even then. The team boss remembers Verstappen like yesterday and is happy for the Dutchman when he sees him on the podium.

Verstappen the best in F1

Yet things will not always be so prosperous in Formula 1. Tost sees that it is all right for Verstappen now, but that this will not always be the case. ''Max could well win eight titles and race all the records out of the books, but that only works if all the ingredients are right. This year at Red Bull Racing, that is how it is,'' said the Austrian in conversation with the NOS.

According to Tost, this has nothing to do with the driver. The latter has limited influence in this respect. At AlphaTauri, therefore, according to Tost, Verstappen would not become world champion. ''Even if we put Jesus Christ behind the wheel, we won't win a race this season.''

Still, there is no doubt who is the best driver in Formula 1 for Tost. Verstappen may have the advantage of being in the best car in 2022, but he is also showing that he is the best driver at the moment. ''It is crystal clear who the best driver is. Max has passed everyone,'' Tost concludes about his former pupil.

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