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Red Bull chief lured away by Aston Martin: 'Big step next year'

Red Bull chief lured away by Aston Martin: 'Big step next year'

26-09-2022 20:14


Aston Martin technical director Dan Fallows expects his team to take a big step forward in 2023. Fallows is a discussed figure, as the Briton moved from Red Bull Racing to Lawrence Stroll's ambitious team this year.

It is the first time Fallows has appeared in the media in his capacity as Aston Martin technical director, talking about his new team. In Fallows' interview on Aston Martin's website he has some good news for the team. Indeed, the Briton believes that next year could mark an important step in Stroll's extremely ambitious plan to win championships with his team as soon as possible.

Fallows expects strong improvement in 2023

Fallows thinks the team is currently on good course, despite trailing AlphaTauri and Haas F1 in the constructors' championship: "We believe it will be a lot more competitive than this year's car. I am sure we can make a big step with the AMR23." In the same interview, the former Red Bull engineer already said he learned a lot from Adrian Newey. It is possible Fallows has used his lessons for next year's AMR23.

"When I look at the car, I really see things to improve everywhere. I mean we are literally working on hundreds of projects." In every area, the different departments in the new factory keep finding points to improve and solutions to them. Finally, Fallows says: "We are incredibly ambitious to try to get to where we want to be in such a short time, but there is a big difference between becoming the leading team in the midfield and becoming a serious challenger for wins and titles."

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