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McLaren expresses expectations: I think it will remain this way

McLaren expresses expectations: "I think it will remain this way"

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McLaren's season has not gone as expected beforehand. Especially in terms of aerodynamics, the British formation seemed to have a suitable car to compete for wins with the new regulations, but it did not get further than a place in the sub-top. Nevertheless, Andrea Stella thinks McLaren has a great end of the season ahead of it, he told the official website.

Lando Norris put in his best performance in April this year by crossing the finish line in third place. It is a lot better than Daniel Ricciardo, as the Australian did not go beyond his sixth-place finish in his home country at the start of the season.

Largely due to Norris' results, McLaren is still in contention with Alpine for fourth place in the constructors' championship. The difference is just 18 points in favour of the French formation, so the British smell plenty of opportunities.

McLaren faces challenge

According to Stella, an important task therefore lies ahead for McLaren. "It's a close battle," the Executive Racing Director stated. "I think it will remain this way. We need to try and maximise our potential at every race as we try to improve the car's potential at the same time."

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