Hill warns Red Bull: 'Then Ferrari and Mercedes will be all over them'

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21 September 2022 at 17:39
Last update 21 September 2022 at 19:01
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Red Bull Racing may have a lead of well over 100 points in both Formula 1 championships, but that does not mean the team can rest on its laurels. Damon Hill warns that if the team does, Ferrari and Mercedes may have closed the gap by the last race of the season.

After resolving a few minor but costly reliability issues at the start of the season, Red Bull grabbed victory after victory. The team now stands at 12 wins in 2022, 11 of which are in Max Verstappen's name. While it is now almost inconceivable that Charles Leclerc can have another shot at his first world title, six wins are still up for grabs.

Hill warns Red Bull

With 279 points remaining in the constructors' championship, Red Bull cannot sit back yet, despite a comfortable 139-point lead over Ferrari. "If you stand still, for a second in Formula 1, in this sport you are going to be swamped. You are literally going to sink into quicksand," Hill states in the F1 Nation podcast.

According to the 1996 world champion, Red Bull must therefore continue to look over its shoulder and watch out for both Ferrari and Mercedes, which the analyst says could quickly move closer if the team leaves stitches. "The pace for anyone, even if they are winning, the pressure is relentless. If they don’t do any more development now on this car, I think Ferrari and Mercedes will be all over them by time you get to Abu Dhabi," Hill warns.