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F1's own fault? 'Almost all teams did not agree'

F1's own fault? 'Almost all teams did not agree'

19 September - 12:43 Last update: 14:49


At the Italian Grand Prix, race officials decided to end the race behind the safety car after Daniel Ricciardo's stalled car proved unable to get off the track in time. Afterwards, several teams were critical of the decision, but Andreas Seidl does not think it was justified.

Speaking to RTL Deutschland, the McLaren team boss points to last season's situation. In the last race of the year in Abu Dhabi, Max Verstappen managed to grab the world title when the management decided to bring in the safety car a lap before the end of the race.

Seidl criticises F1 teams

It caused heated discussions after the season, after which the FIA, Formula 1 and racing teams met to discuss the future of the sport. According to Seidl, they failed to come up with an alternative plan at the time.

"Although the FIA and Formula 1 all urged us to find solutions, it was up to us as teams," he stated to the German medium. "And almost all the teams did not agree to change, because we could not agree on a better solution that was then also sportingly fair. And so I think we just have to accept that unfortunately situations like in Monza can happen."

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