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Alonso: 'I will definitely drive 400 Grands Prix!'

Alonso: 'I will definitely drive 400 Grands Prix!'

18-09-2022 12:39 Last update: 13:20


Fernando Alonso does not know the word retirement. He recently signed a multi-year contract with Aston Martin, so the now 41-year-old will be on the Formula 1 grid for a few more years. So Alonso is on an absolute record hunt.

Kimi Raikkonen drove 349 Grands Prix in his long career, a number Alonso equalled at Monza last weekend. In Singapore, the Spaniard can become the only record holder, with 350 starts. But it is not going to stop there. Alsono has big plans, he told Formel 1.de.

Passion and discipline

"I'm definitely going to get 400 starts," says Alonso. "That is a high number. It shows my passion for the sport and my discipline to race at a high level. If you don't perform, the team will definitely not give you 400 Grands Prix."

Aston Martin has never disclosed for how many years Alonso has signed with the English team. So it is unknown how many races are basically in the pipeline for the Spaniard. He would reach the nice number of 400 Grands Prix by the end of the 2024 season.

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