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Silverstone temporarily halts ticket sales after problems ticket service

Silverstone temporarily halts ticket sales after problems ticket service

15-09-2022 18:57 Last update: 22:14


Ticket sales for the 2023 British Grand Prix at Silverstone were halted on Thursday night. Many complaints were received about hours of waiting and fluctuating prices.

Silverstone temporarily halts ticket sales

There are problems with the online ticket service that handles ticket sales for the Grand Prix at Silverstone. On Twitter and elsewhere, complaints rained down from people who stood in the virtual queue for hours to buy their tickets and then received an error message when loading the page. In addition, prices were getting higher and higher throughout the day. It was met with such criticism aimed at the organisers that it was decided to freeze ticket sales until the next day.

Silverstone said in a statement, "We have decided to suspend ticket sales for the 2023 Formula One British Grand Prix. We are aware of considerable problems with fans trying to secure tickets. Due to ongoing problems at our ticket service, Secutix, we think it is fairest to temporarily freeze ticket sales and prices until all problems are resolved. We plan to resume sales at 11.30am tomorrow and create certainty for all ticket types."

Surprised reactions from F1 fans

The biggest outrage among fans came from the ticket prices for the British event. That a decision is being made to freeze prices and that there is no commitment yet to bring prices back to the original amount worries F1 fans:

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