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Verstappen fans get new top-quality Red Bull apparel in 2023

Verstappen fans get new top-quality Red Bull apparel in 2023

15-09-2022 08:37 Last update: 09:04

From 2023, Red Bull Racing will be seen wearing a different brand's clothing. Castore will supply the apparel of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez from next year and this also means new clothing for fans.

New clothing for Verstappen fans

Red Bull announces in a press release that it is pleased to mention that it will partner with Castore from 2023. Castore is a sportswear brand and can also already be seen in, for example, the Premier League as clothing sponsor of Newcastle United, Aston Villa and Wolves. There is also already a partnership with McLaren in F1.

The press release also states that not only Red Bull's staff will benefit from this new partnership, but also its fans. Indeed, Castore will work with Red Bull to ensure that the clothes that appear in the shop are of the same top quality as those on the paddock for the staff.

Red Bull and Castore

''Formula 1 is a tremendously demanding environment. In 2023 we’ll race in 24 different locations around the world, in conditions that range from freezing cold to soaring heat and energy-sapping humidity. Our Team members have to be equipped to perform no matter what they encounter and sportswear optimised for functionality and comfort is a crucial component in achieving the level needed to win. Consequently, I’m excited that we are partnering with Castore as their expertise in sports science, materials and engineering will help us to meet that goal. I’m also really pleased that we’ll be able to bring that level of performance to fans,'' Christian Horner commented in the press release.

''We are thrilled to be partnering with Oracle Red Bull Racing, one of the most iconic F1 teams of modern times. Not only are they an impressive brand but we share the mindset of relentlessly pursuing ways to optimize performance, encapsulated by Castore’s motto ‘Better Never Stops’. The partnership further strengthens Castore’s presence in Formula 1, and we are thrilled to continue this journey with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team and their hugely passionate fanbase,'' concludes Tom Beahon, co-founder of Castore.