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Criticism Vettel poorly received in Italy: 'You shouldn't make comments'

Criticism Vettel poorly received in Italy: 'You shouldn't make comments'

14-09-2022 18:02 Last update: 20:49


Sebastian Vettel has criticised the so-called flypasts that flew over the crowd during the Italian national anthem at the Italian Grand Prix. However, the German's criticism has not gone down well in the country.

Formula 1 aims to become carbon neutral by 2023. As part of this mission, a ban on flying military aircraft has been announced. Yet there have already been several flypasts during Grands Prix this season, such as the Red Arrows prior to the British Grand Prix.

An exception was also made for the Italian Grand Prix, as Italy's Frecce Tricolori flew over the crowd during the national anthem. An activist on environmental issues, Vettel has been critical of the sport. According to the four-time world champion, the organisation agreed too easily to the president's wishes. "He is almost 100 years old and maybe it is hard for him to let go of these self-centred things", Vettel is quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Criticism of Vettel not appreciated in Italy

However, Geronimo La Russa, the president of the Automobile Club Milano, doesn't appreciate Vettel's statements. The Italian believes Vettel should apologise, as his words are insulting to the president and Italy as a nation.

"I was always taught that you should listen to the president of the republic and not make comments, especially if you are a guest of a foreign country. Flying over the Frecce Tricolori is an Italian pride. It is a pity that a world champion, who also won his first Grand Prix at Monza, has slipped on such a useless and misguided controversy."

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