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Sky analyst believes Verstappen win was just: 'Abu Dhabi was not'.

Sky analyst believes Verstappen win was just: 'Abu Dhabi was not'.

13-09-2022 20:18 Last update: 22:10


Ted Kravitz calls the victory of Max Verstappen in Monza a justified result. According to the Briton, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix should have ended the same way.

When Daniel Ricciardo's McLaren stalled on the side of the track in the closing stages of the race, the FIA had to act quickly to restart the race. However, it took some time for the marshals to get the car off the track, leaving not enough time to restart the race. Verstappen eventually won behind the safety car, and Charles Leclerc didn't get the chance to fight for victory from P2.

Several team bosses and drivers expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the race ended. The fans too would have preferred an exciting final phase. According to the FIA, however, the rules were followed correctly.

'Monza was a fair result, as Abu Dhabi was not'

During the Sky Sports broadcast, Damon Hill asks the following: "There will be people watching saying ‘is that what should have happened in Abu Dhabi?'” Kravitz responds: "Yes, it was." In 2021, Michael Masi decided to unlap only the cars between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, giving Verstappen the chance on the very last lap to overtake Hamilton for the title victory on fresher tyres. "Was the race director playing it steady? Yes. Could he be quicker? Yes. Was it a just result, in the way Abu Dhabi wasn’t? Yes, it was a just result.”