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Norris keeps quiet: 'Many things I can't talk about'

Norris keeps quiet: 'Many things I can't talk about'

25-08-2022 21:39


Lando Norris was told this week that he will be racing with a different teammate next season. McLaren will say goodbye to Daniel Ricciardo at the end of the season. The Briton does not want to tell Sky Sports much about the situation.

Where Norris already received the confidence of McLaren and could extend his contract, the situation of Ricciardo was completely different. Norris already scored more points than his teammate in 2021 and continues this line this calendar year. Nevertheless, he has great respect for the Australian.

"There's many things I can't talk about, or better for you to ask Daniel than me," Norris says. "He's extremely talented and I have a lot of respect for him. I've enjoyed working with someone who has won races and scored more podiums than I have."

Norris possible oldest driver at McLaren

However, the McLaren driver must accept that his team will choose another driver in 2023. The stable is aiming all its arrows at Oscar Piastri. With the 21-year old Australian, it would mean that Norris would be the oldest driver of the team. Norris finds that a strange thought.

"As long as it's someone I can enjoy spending time with and work together with then I'm happy. I don't know who yet, I look forward to it. If it is someone younger, than I will probably feel weird, like I'm the older guy and more mature."

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