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Schumacher sided with Piastri: 'He did nothing wrong'

Schumacher sided with Piastri: 'He did nothing wrong'

19 August - 17:49 Last update: 21:20


Where will Oscar Piastri drive in 2023? Will it be McLaren, who are hopeful of signing him from under the noses of Alpine? Or will it be the French team, which claims to have a contract to field Piastri as Fernando Alonso's replacement?

It is likely that the battle for talent will continue in the courts for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the battle continues. Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer has already been extremely critical of Piastri. Completely inappropriate, according to Ralf Schumacher. The former F1 driver reacted at Sky Germany on the affair.

Blaming himself

"I am sorry. I like Otmar, but he himself is disappointed with his own performance, that he did not see Alonso's departure coming and that he has no plan B," Schumi Jr said. "That's the shameful thing about the whole thing. That's why he has to blame himself. Oscar didn't do anything wrong."

According to Schumacher, Alpine should have agreed with Alonso earlier about his future. Then Piastri would have known sooner what his future was. Schumacher thinks Piastri had waited long enough. "I would have done the same if I had had an offer. And McLaren is definitely a top team."

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