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This is how many offenses and fines F1 drivers have accumulated in 2022

This is how many offenses and fines F1 drivers have accumulated in 2022

19 August - 13:55 Last update: 14:23


With the summer break coming to an end and the drivers preparing for the Belgian Grand Prix, it is time to take stock again in some statistics. This time, we take a look at the offences the Formula 1 drivers committed in the first half of the season and the fines they were given by the FIA.

Vettel leads in fines

The leader in the number of fines will come as a surprise to few people. Sebastian Vettel has been the FIA's biggest donor of money so far with a total of 35,900 euros in fines. The German has been fined for everything from speeding in the pit lane to an unsafe release.

One of the most notable fines was for illegally entering the circuit on a scooter after having to pull his Aston Martin over. The lion's share of the total, however, came from the 'offence' Vettel began by walking away from a drivers' briefing. The stewards deemed this worthy of a €25,000 fine, albeit conditional after Vettel apologised.

Second on the list is Carlos Sainz, who has also collected a hefty 25,000 euro fine. Max Verstappen is one of the six drivers who received a conditional fine of 10,000 euros because his physiotherapist was in his presence on the circuit where that was not allowed. Alpine and Haas are the only teams that do not have to pay any fines.

Verstappen and Hamilton at the bottom of the list of offences

The list of infractions (punished or not) gives a slightly different picture. Yuki Tsunoda and Alexander Albon head the list with eight infringements in total. Tsunoda was guilty of speeding in the pit lane, driving unnecessarily slow during qualifying, hindering other drivers and causing collisions. The Japanese driver received a reprimand, two penalty points, a five-second time penalty and a fine of €1300.

Like Tsunoda, Albon was also found guilty of hindering other drivers and driving too fast in the pit lane. He was also found guilty of taking advantage of the track by leaving it during a race. For this the Williams driver received a total of six penalty points, a fifteen second time penalty and a fine of 1800 euros.

Verstappen is one of three drivers who only committed one offence early this season. This puts him together with Lewis Hamilton and Mick Schumacher at the bottom of the list, because all twenty drivers committed at least one offence.

Overview - fines

Driver Total fines
Sebastian Vettel €35.900
Carlos Sainz €25.000
Sergio Perez €10.600
Lewis Hamilton €10.000
Daniel Ricciardo €10.000
Zhou Guanyu €10.000
Charles Leclerc €10.000
Max Verstappen €10.000
Lance Stroll €5.900
Valtteri Bottas €2.000
Alexander Albon €1,800
Yuki Tsunoda €1.300
Pierre Gasly €1.300

Overview - Infringements

Driver Offences
Yuki Tsunoda 8
Alexander Albon 8
Zhou Guanyu 7
Sebastian Vettel 7
Pierre Gasly 6
Fernando Alonso 6
Lance Stroll 6
Esteban Ocon 5
Carlos Sainz 5
Valtteri Bottas 4
Sergio Perez 4
Daniel Ricciardo 4
Kevin Magnussen 3
Charles Leclerc 2
Lando Norris 2
Nicholas Latifi 2
George Russell 2
Max Verstappen 1
Lewis Hamilton 1
Mick Schumacher 1

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