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Wolff experienced 'Groundhog Day' at Mercedes: It is just very painful

Wolff experienced 'Groundhog Day' at Mercedes: "It is just very painful"

17 August - 11:41 Last update: 12:53


Toto Wolff describes Mercedes' first half of the season as a rollercoaster of emotions, with the team's mood changing 'from depression to exuberance'. The start of the Formula One season is described by the team boss as 'painful'.

Against all odds, Mercedes could not keep up with the pace of Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. In addition, the potential of the W13, which the team members kept stressing, was seriously hampered by porpoising. The first half of the season was therefore mainly about troubleshooting for the German team.

Wolff speaks of 'painful' experience for Mercedes

Meanwhile, Mercedes also seems to have dealt with the problem, but it is by far the last of the F1 teams to do so. Looking back on the first half of the season, Wolff talks about the changing emotions that came with it. "The truth is, it's just so painful and it's so difficult to live by your values and your doubt," the Austrian said in conversation with Autosport.com.

"You oscillate from depression to exuberance, and then the next day the other way around," he continued. The Mercedes team boss added that at times he experienced it as Groundhog Day, because nothing seemed to work and the situation kept repeating itself until a solution was finally found. Wolff says this made it very difficult to keep up the spirits, but he is convinced that it was also a learning experience for his team.

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