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Gasly saw aggressive Verstappen: 'He made a few mistakes at the start'

Gasly saw aggressive Verstappen: 'He made a few mistakes at the start'

14 August - 10:37 Last update: 14:35


Pierre Gasly believes Verstappen's character has changed in his time at Red Bull Racing. The Frenchman feels that the Dutchman has proven his potential. At the start of his Formula One career, Verstappen was often seen as an aggressive driver who made many mistakes on the track.

With his first world title in his pocket and already eight victories in the 2022 season, Verstappen is making a big impression. Gasly has known the Dutchman since childhood, as the two drivers have competed against each other for the past 15 years. The Frenchman has always enjoyed battles against Verstappen, and he hopes to take on the Dutchman again in the future.

"He's obviously extremely talented. He’s excellent. I think the experience and the combination of what he built with Red Bull Racing is just an incredibly efficient package", the AlphaTauri driver tells Express.

Gasly: 'Verstappen was very aggressive'

"He was probably a bit raw when he came in F1, very aggressive and made a couple of mistakes at the start even if he was always super competitive. But I think now over the last few years he has just completely proven his potential", Gasly says. The Frenchman sees Verstappen making hardly any mistakes now.

In the first half of the 2019 season, Gasly replaced Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull. However, the Frenchman struggled to keep up with Verstappen's pace and was replaced by Alexander Albon midway through the season due to disappointing results.

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