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Verstappen names persistent Red Bull disadvantage: 'Not easily solved'

Verstappen names persistent Red Bull disadvantage: 'Not easily solved'

12-08-2022 18:13 Last update: 18:52

Max Verstappen is generally very positive about the new generation of Formula 1 cars, but sees a major drawback in the increased weight. This has been a problem for Red Bull Racing in particular in the 2022 season and, according to the championship leader, it is not so easy to solve.

Red Bull still too heavy

Verstappen cites the extra weight as an additional disadvantage of the new generation of F1 cars, but also sees many advantages. "I think following has been quite a bit better, so that's positive," he says according to "But of course, the weight of the cars, they’re extremely heavy, which I think it’s not great, which I don’t really see a quick solution for."

However, the Dutchman also feels that the racing has improved and that the overtaking opportunities have improved. Yet he notes that on some circuits it is still very difficult to keep up. "But that’s also in combination with tyres overheating and stuff. So there are a few things to look at," Verstappen said.

The weight of F1 cars has increased in recent years, with the 2022 cars required to have a minimum weight of 798 kilograms. That's an increase of 46 kilograms from the 2021 season. Yet many teams continue to struggle with an overweight car and it is proving quite a task to come close to the minimum weight.

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