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Norris unhappy with Imola podium: 'Still blows my mind'

Norris unhappy with Imola podium: 'Still blows my mind'

12 August - 10:35 Last update: 10:49


McLaren started the 2022 F1 season poorly, but Lando Norris looks back on a season where a lot went right too. The Briton therefore went into the summer break positive.

Norris still stunned by Imola podium

Norris scored points no less than ten times in the thirteen races. That is quite a performance, considering the speed his car had at the beginning of the season. Norris beat his teammate Daniel Ricciardo in the first half of the season and even took a podium in Imola. The driver still cannot believe the latter. In conversation with Formula1.com He says: "For myself and my driving and so on, I’m happy. Some good highlights, I don’t know how I got a podium in Imola, it just blows my mind. With the car that we have that’s quite some achievement so still makes me smile now."

Norris sees the positive side of his team. Although there is still a lot of work to do, the team is moving in the right direction. The gap to the front is closing, but the battle with Alpine F1 for P4 in the championship is in full swing. The season's start has particularly hurt the team's gap to the front, according to Norris. "That we are still fighting for P4 against a team that started much stronger than us shows what a good job we have done." The Briton says consistency, reliability, pit stops and strategy are the team's strongest points this year.

The biggest gains for the team will have to be on Sunday. The Briton says that during the race the gaps between the teams become most obvious. On Saturday, McLaren is closer to the competition, but unfortunately that seems to be a distorted picture. Even the slowest teams are much closer then.

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