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Norris on McLaren: 'Didn’t come into the season as strong as we needed'

Norris on McLaren: 'Didn’t come into the season as strong as we needed'

11 August - 13:41 Last update: 14:11


McLaren hoped to compete for the world title this season, but nothing is further from the truth. Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, Mercedes and Alpine are still performing better, although the last team is close behind in the Constructors' Championship. Lando Norris also knows that his team still has plenty to do.

In the pre-season, McLaren suffered from a lot of brake problems, which gave them a false start. Also in the early stages of the racing year, it failed to catch up with the competition, so that it immediately faced a large gap to the other teams.

Norris realistic about McLaren status

The last few race weekends, the British stable feels that there is progress, but Norris believes that his team should not cheer too soon. In Hungary the driver managed to finish seventh, but the difference with the top four teams is still very big.

"I think the main thing is that of course we just didn’t come into the season as strong as we needed to," Norris analysed in conversation with Formula1.com. "It’s just now we have a lot of work to do. The gap to the guys ahead is still massive and I guess yes, it’s close on Saturday, but everyone is closer on Saturday, even last place is a lot closer."

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