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Russell: 'This is not going to help Ferrari and Red Bull'

Russell: 'This is not going to help Ferrari and Red Bull'

12 August - 09:36 Last update: 10:47


The changes to the regulations for 2023 seem close to being approved and the Technical Directive on porpoising will come into force from the Belgian Grand Prix. Mercedes driver George Russell sees opportunities to move closer to rivals Ferrari and Red Bull Racing.

The FIA has promised to help the teams with the porpoising problems with a change in the regulations for this year (TD039). The FIA would have felt compelled to intervene because the safety of the drivers was at stake in the bumpy cars. With TD039 it has been decided, amongst other things, that the ride height must be adjusted if the car bumps too much. In addition, a trick with the so-called skid blocks - of which Ferrari and Red Bull are suspected - is now prohibited. Mercedes is currently still trailing the two teams, so anything that will slow down their rivals is more than welcome.

Important step for Mercedes?

Russell tells Sky Sports: "Ferrari and Red Bull have pushed the boundaries of the regulations, that much is clear. We have respected the spirit of the regulations. Of course, you still have no guarantee that this (TD039) will bring you closer to them, but we do know that our cars would be slower if we had to apply this." Russell seems unsure about the exact gains Mercedes can make when the season resumes, but does think the rule changes are positive. Russell: "Every car is different, but this is not going to help Red Bull and Ferrari in any way."

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