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Aston Martin has already shifted focus to 2023, much to Alonso's delight

Aston Martin has already shifted focus to 2023, much to Alonso's delight

10 August - 16:01 Last update: 17:04


Fernando Alonso caused a shock at Alpine by suddenly announcing that he would be moving to Aston Martin in 2023. The Spaniard has his reasons for the move, but something that will certainly appeal to him is the fact that his new team's focus is already on the next Formula One season. According to Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack, only a small part of the staff is still working on this year's car.

Prior to the summer break, not long before Sebastian Vettel announced his departure from F1 and Alonso's subsequent move to Aston Martin, Alonso said he wanted to talk to Alpine over the holidays. The Spaniard wanted his team to shift its focus to 2023, even though it is currently doing well by staying ahead of McLaren in the Constructors' Championship.

Aston Martin shifts focus to 2023

Alonso has bigger ambitions and wants to be able to go for wins again. Whether he will be able to do so with Aston Martin remains to be seen, but he may be able to help the team move forward. Something that will certainly appeal to the two-time world champion is the fact that his new employer has been concentrating fully on next year 'for some time'.

"Although we must continue to improve the performance of the AMR22 and we have a small group of people still working on it, we’ve already turned our attention to the AMR23," Krack explained in an interview on Aston Martin's official website of Aston Martin. "Our focus has been on AMR23 for a while now because the car needs to perform right out of the box. A new season and new car represent the biggest opportunity to move ahead of our competitors."

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