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Andretti hits back at Wolff: 'Why deprive us from it?'

Andretti hits back at Wolff: 'Why deprive us from it?'

10-08-2022 12:28 Last update: 12:51


Mario Andretti has spoken out about the opposition that Andretti Racing is currently facing from the current Formula One teams. The American finds it disappointing that the credibility of a possible F1 participation is being questioned.

Andretti Racing would like to enter F1 as the eleventh team, but there is opposition from the F1 teams and Liberty Media. The Americans actually want to be on the grid as early as 2024, but that deadline is becoming increasingly tight without a commitment from the sport. Andretti does not understand why there is so much opposition from other teams.

"Why not Formula One? Gene Haas did it. He's not a 100% racer – we're 100% racers. Obviously we're experiencing some resistance – and it's very disappointing at the moment. Are we giving up? No. I think we deserve to be there", Andretti says in an interview with Motorslat.

Andretti on comments Wolff

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, Toto Wolff seemed more enthusiastic about Audi as a new manufacturer. According to the Mercedes team boss, the total value of the sport would decrease with the arrival of Andretti Racing. The American himself disagrees.

"Toto mentions Audi and [he says] we'd rather have Audi as the eleventh team. In my opinion, Audi would be welcome anywhere, no question." However, the former driver sees the manufacturer more as an engine supplier to a top team, rather than a start-up team. Manufacturers come and go, says the American, but Andretti Racing comes and stays. "We breathe this. Why deprive us from it?"