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Domenicali sees several advantages in Audi and Porsche F1 entry

Domenicali sees several advantages in Audi and Porsche F1 entry

10 August - 10:29 Last update: 10:43


Stefano Domenicali sees the added value of Porsche and Audi entering Formula 1. The arrival of more manufacturers will ensure that more teams appear on the grid in the future.

The future of Audi and Porsche in F1 is a hotly debated topic. According to the latest reports, Porsche will join forces with Red Bull Racing, taking a fifty percent stake in the team. Audi is reportedly interested in Sauber for a partnership through the Alfa Romeo team.

Speaking to GrandPrix247.com, Domenicali stresses the added value of the Volkswagen Group in F1. "The benefit is for sure credibility. Using the expertise that only Formula 1 has, can help them in order to find new ways of being present on the market.

Porsche and Audi can provide more teams

According to the CEO, hybrid energy with sustainable fuel will be more effective around the world if the sport reaches the goal of carbon neutrality. The arrival of more manufacturers will also make it easier to add more teams to the grid in the future. "From the sporting point of view, the more manufacturers we have, the more structure in terms of having manufacturers with other teams will enable the sporting side to have more teams that could be seen as more independent into the sport", the Italian says.

Domenicali thinks it would be great news to welcome Porsche and Audi to the sport. For now, Red Bull and Porsche have not officially announced their partnership. This week, the FIA sent the engine regulations for 2026 to the World Motor Sport Council for approval, after which an announcement is likely to be made.

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