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Verstappen: 'There is a higher rate of having an incident than in F1'

10 August at 09:46
Last update 10 August at 10:42
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Formula 1 has become a lot safer in recent years, as Max Verstappen can see. Although the drivers still go through the corners at very high speeds, the Dutchman thinks people should also see the situation in perspective. He tells this in an interview with Sports Illustrated Kids.

This season, we saw again how dangerous Formula 1 can be. Guanyu Zhou got away with it when he crashed into the fence at the start of the British Grand Prix. Despite the heavy blow, the driver recovered.

According to Verstappen, however, risks do not only apply to the motorsport class. "Cycling through New York is also very dangerous, isn’t it?," he said. "I think there is a higher rate of having an incident there than what I have in F1. So it’s just how you look at things. I mean, it’s also easy to slip in the shower."

Verstappen thanks his father for actions

In the same interview, Verstappen said that he is very grateful to his father for giving him the right mentality in his youth. During his son's karting career Jos Verstappen was always at the side of the track and that, according to the reigning world champion, has helped him become a real 'winner'.