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Binotto does not rule out action against FIA: 'See how we can stop it'

Binotto does not rule out action against FIA: 'See how we can stop it'

9 August - 07:10 Last update: 08:45


Mattia Binotto is not in favour of the technical changes the FIA wants to make for 2023 regarding the porpoising problem. The team boss does not rule out taking action against the FIA.

On Monday, the FIA announced that new rules to prevent porpoising will be implemented in 2023. The regulations are being changed due to safety concerns, on top of the measures that will already be in place from the Belgian Grand Prix.

Binotto believes that the changes to the regulations are unnecessary for safety reasons. After all, in the past few races we have hardly seen any porpoising. The Ferrari team boss therefore does not think that the bouncing is a danger anymore, he told the Italian side of Motorsport.com.

Binotto stresses that the change would be a major problem given the time of year. We are already almost into the second half of the 2022 season, so there would be little time left to modify the concept of the 2023 car. "If it does happen, we will try to figure out how to stop it," the Italian says.

Binotto does not think of possible Red Bull advantage

The question is whether the FIA and the teams have reached a compromise. According to the new FIA rules, the floor will have to be raised by 25 millimetres, but earlier reports suggested that the majority of teams were in favour of a compromise proposal of ten millimetres.

Ferrari are fighting Red Bull Racing for the title this season, but Binotto believes the two teams should use common sense when it comes to the rule changes. "I have no idea if the regulations would be in our favour or in Red Bull's favour and I don't care." Binotto believes it is important to take responsibility for crucial decisions for the future of the sport.

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