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Tost is sure: unbeatable Verstappen gets even better

Tost is sure: unbeatable Verstappen gets even better

8 August - 19:39 Last update: 20:28


Max Verstappen is the big man in Formula 1 this year. The reigning champion is 80 points ahead of Charles Leclerc and looks set for his second world title. In conversation with F1 Insider Franz Tost, team principal of AlphaTauri, says that the Dutchman will become even better.

Tost worked with Verstappen when Verstappen raced for the then Toro Rosso. Sometimes Verstappen was too aggressive in his driving style, Tost remembers. But now Verstappen is driving 'at an extremely high level'. According to Tost, only Leclerc can stay close to Verstappen. Thinking of Verstappen, the team boss then has a nasty announcement for the competition: "Still, we haven't seen the best from him yet."

Years are going to count for Hamilton

Partly due to the disappointing performance of his Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton has also failed to seriously fight Verstappen this year. According to Tost, there is a changing of the guard going on. "Time has taken his toll on Hamilton," he said.

Tost is also fairly critical of his own driver Yuki Tsunoda. He praised the Japanese driver's basic speed, but he needs to clear his head. "He needs to drive more carefully, not be so emotional. If he can make that step to the next, mental level, he can become a great driver. But now it's up to him."

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