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Chaos complete: 'FIA approved both contracts of Piastri'

Chaos complete: 'FIA approved both contracts of Piastri'

08-08-2022 19:08 Last update: 20:21


Where will Oscar Piastri drive in 2023: will it be Alpine or McLaren? Both teams have a claim on the talented Australian. Undoubtedly, it will be a legal battle in the coming weeks.

The next complication is already looming, as reported by trench AutoHebdo. The CRB (FIA Contract Recognition Board), responsible for ensuring the legality of contracts, has validated the commitment of Piastri and McLaren for 2023, according to the medium. But the same authority did so for the same Piastri's contract with Alpine.

Nothing illegal found

The CRB was once established to ensure the validity of contracts and thus protect the rights of drivers. Apparently, the council found nothing unlawful in the document shared by McLaren's lawyers. The CBR sees no obstacle that would jeopardise a racing seat for the Australian.

It will be interesting weeks for Piastri, Alpine and McLaren. After all, the Australian now holds the key to silly season. If he is allowed to go to McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo will have to look for another team. And Alpine must in that case look for a new driver.