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Verstappen, Norris and Albon outclass team-mate in duels

Verstappen, Norris and Albon outclass team-mate in duels

6 August - 19:37

The 2022 Formula 1 season is over halfway through and so the balance is being drawn up on all fronts. For example, how are the drivers performing in the duels between teammates? We list the scores so far. For the qualifying duels, the final starting positions after possible penalties are taken into account. As for the race duels, both drivers do not score in the event of a double elimination, while a DNF for one means an automatic point for the other.

Red Bull Racing

Verstappen Red Bull Racing Perez
9 Raceduel 3
258 Points 173
10 Qualifying match 3

Red Bull started the season at a disadvantage. Max Verstappen suffered two crashes in the first three races, which made Ferrari look like they were pulling away. However, the roles are now completely reversed. Verstappen is in great form, winning eight of the thirteen races, while Sergio Perez is often on hand to back up his teammate. This could prove crucial, as with nine races to go the Austrian team is likely to lose out to Ferrari somewhere. However, with an 80-point lead in the driver's championship and 97 points in the constructors', Red Bull is looking forward to a very relaxed holiday.


Leclerc Ferrari Sainz
6 Raceduel 6
178 Points 156
10 Qualifying match 3

F1-75 is extremely fast, but a strong start to the season has been followed by a series of shaky results for the Italian team. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz both suffered reliability problems and strategic mistakes from the pit wall.

Leclerc also started the season in fine form and seemed to feel little pressure, but things changed. In Imola, he missed out on a podium by his own mistake and in the French Grand Prix he even finished in the wall. The driver can hardly be blamed for this, however, as the pressure on the Monegasque has increased enormously partly due to his team's mistakes.

Sainz, on the other hand, started his season shakily, but seems to be finding his feet more and more in F1-75 with each race weekend. One of the Spaniard's strong points is that he actively thinks along with the strategy, sometimes forcing a better result than his team might have given him. Partly as a result, the Ferrari drivers are now evenly matched in terms of results on Sunday.


Hamilton Mercedes Russell
6 Raceduel 7
146 Points 158
6 Qualifying match 7

For Mercedes, much of the first half of the season was about survival. George Russell was particularly successful in this, but in the last few races Lewis Hamilton has also been making a comeback. Russell is still ahead of his teammate in the championship, but Hamilton has been ahead of him on the podium in the last two races. In both the qualifying duels and the racing duels, the score is almost even.


Norris Mercedes Ricciardo
9 Raceduel 4
76 Points 19
11 Qualifying match 2

McLaren will have expected more from the current F1 season. Whereas last year the Woking-based team battled it out with Ferrari for third place in the championship, it is now battling it out with Alpine for fourth. The team is particularly dependent on Lando Norris, who continues to outperform Daniel Ricciardo. Whether this will change or not remains to be seen as, given the current soap opera surrounding Ricciardo, Oscar Piastri, McLaren and Alpine, it would not be surprising if the Australian has lost his motivation.


Alonso Alpine Ocon
5 Raceduel 8
41 Points 58
8 Qualifying match 5

Alpine might also have hoped to be closer to the top in 2022, but the French team is certainly not in bad shape. Currently, the team of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon is just ahead of McLaren in the championship, which qualifies them as 'best of the rest'. Alonso and Ocon are challenging each other on the track and are increasingly able to penetrate the top five. Ocon has an edge in race results, but has had less bad luck than his teammate.


Gasly AlphaTauri Tsunoda
8 Raceduel 5
16 Points 11
8 Qualifying match 5

AlphaTauri have dropped to eighth place in the standings since the start of the season and have had a disappointing year so far. Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda are struggling to reach the top ten, with the Japanese also committing a number of errors. Gasly has also been penalised on several occasions. Although Gasly usually finishes ahead of his teammate, the duo are almost equal in terms of points. In the last five races before the summer break, however, neither managed to score a point.

Aston Martin

Vettel Aston Martin Stroll
6 Raceduel 5
16 Points 4
8 Qualifying match 3

Things don't seem to be improving at Aston Martin either. The Silverstone-based team has already come up with a number of sensational update packages, one of which looked very much like Red Bull's RB18. The latest innovation also sparked debate, as other teams questioned whether Aston Martin's new rear wing was legal. However, as long as there are no results, they have little to fear. The departing Sebastian Vettel is showing who has the experience and is collecting the most points, but the four times world champion is still struggling.


Latifi Williams Albon
3 Raceduel 10
0 Points 3
2 Qualifying match 11

Another team that had hoped for more is Williams. After a few difficult years, things seemed to be looking up in 2021, but after the introduction of the new regulations, the team has suffered another setback. A positive note comes in the form of Alexander Albon, who after his comeback proves why he deserves an F1 seat. Unlike Nicholas Latifi, the Thai often gets the most out of his car.

Alfa Romeo

Bottas Alfa Romeo Zhou
10 Raceduel 2
46 Points 5
10 Qualifying match 3

Alfa Romeo is having a particularly successful season. Performance has improved considerably compared to last year and Valtteri Bottas in particular continues to rake in the points. Guanyu Zhou lags behind his experienced teammate, but as a rookie the expectations are not as high. However, the Chinese driver did manage to score points twice. Since the race weekend at Silverstone, however, Alfa Romeo has not scored any points and will be looking to change that in the second half of the season.


Schumacher Haas Magnussen
7 Raceduel 5
12 Points 22
2 Qualifying match 11

The season started in spectacular fashion for Haas, as it did for the returning Kevin Magnussen, who after a two-year absence thought his F1 career was over. After the strong start to the season, the results were a bit disappointing for the American team. Mick Schumacher was heavily criticised for his crashes, but seems to have found his way more and more often and finishes ahead of his teammate.

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