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Marko on Verstappen: 'He was too impulsive then'

Marko on Verstappen: 'He was too impulsive then'

4 August - 16:00 Last update: 16:40


Helmut Marko opens the book on the secret of Max Verstappen's success. According to the 79-year-old Austrian, the Dutchman has gained sovereignty through his victories.

Verstappen's success

Verstappen entered Formula 1 at the age of 17 and, according to Marko, at the time he was the biggest talent he had ever encountered. "But he was too impulsive," Marko said in conversation with OE24.at. After a year and four Grands Prix, Verstappen made the switch from Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri) to the main Red Bull Racing team.

He won his first race immediately and in the years that followed, several victories followed. "Those victories made him gain sovereignty. When he kept his cool at the start in Budapest during an overtaking manoeuvre, I thought, 'Is that really Max driving there?' With that sovereignty, he makes it easier for the whole crew," Marko said.

Battle with Ferrari

The consultant already admitted that he can enjoy this season more than previous years. Verstappen has a comfortable 80-point lead in the drivers' championship and Red Bull is also doing well in the constructors' battle, with the Austrian team almost 100 points ahead of Ferrari.

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