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Leclerc gets important advice in title fight with Verstappen

Leclerc gets important advice in title fight with Verstappen

03-08-2022 17:53 Last update: 19:17


Charles Leclerc is certainly not in the easiest period of his career. Although he has the best car on the grid, he is unable to compete with Max Verstappen for the title. According to Felipe Massa, Leclerc must be careful not to fall into a logical trap, he told Sky Sports.

Whereas Leclerc started the racing year well, the difference with the Dutchman has increased to eighty points. He, therefore, faces a tough challenge in the second half of the season to make things difficult for Verstappen, but the latter driver has everything in hand.

"Definitely internally he [Leclerc] is not happy at all," Massa said of Leclerc. "But you need to be patient. If you start a fight now, it will not help the team but also Charles. We can't forget he made a mistake in the last race."

Leclerc must stay relaxed at Ferrari

Not only did Leclerc go wrong several times, but his team didn't look good in several races either. In Hungary, Ferrari made another strategic mistake, allowing Leclerc to forget about a podium finish for good. Massa understands Leclerc's anger but feels the Monegas can do little with that emotion.

"You need to be patient, so even if you're not happy for the decisions and mistakes, you need to fight in the right way professionally. But not showing outside. If you start to show outside, it doesn't help both sides. Even if Ferrari made more mistakes this year."

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