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Russell: No doubt that Ferrari and Red Bull have pushed the regulations

Russell: "No doubt that Ferrari and Red Bull have pushed the regulations"

31 July - 17:01

Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have had the best cars during the first half of the 2022 Formula 1 season, whilst Mercedes have struggled to keep up. Results are improving for Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton now achieving five consecutive podiums and George Russell claiming pole position in Hungary. 

Technical directive

Over recent weeks, talk about a technical directive being introduced at the Belgium Grand Prix regarding Flexi-floors. There have been some question marks over whether or not Red Bull and Ferrari have abided to those rules but for the first time Russell speaks openly about it. He is certain that rules have been broken. 

"Spa will be interesting. There are some changes to regulations that may bring other teams towards us. There is no doubt that Ferrari and Red Bull have pushed the regulations whereas we respected it. There are no guarantees that it would bring them closer to us. If it was on our car, it would make us slower. But it's not going to help them for sure," Russell told Sky Sports. 

Formula 1 now enters a four-week summer break, with the Belgian Grand Prix next on the schedule. In Spa, it will all become clear on what changes but for now Russell is pleased with his Hungarian Grand Prix podium and sees better results coming. 

"Verstappen and Red Bull are crucing. I feel for Leclerc because he is doing a job and been on the receiving end of bad luck. There's no doubt, that we're making progress. We were finishing a minute behind the leader at the start of the season, now it's 10 seconds," he added. 

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