Perez knows: 'Next four weekends very crucial for world title'
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Perez knows: 'Next four weekends very crucial for world title'

28 July - 18:29 Last update: 28 July - 18:29

Sergio Perez currently holds third place in the world championship, but all signs point to him being out of contention for the world title in recent weeks. The Mexican has to make up 70 points on Max Verstappen, which is quite a challenge.

"It still is a very long season. I [don’t come] from such a good race but still finished fourth, good points." said Perez, who especially cherishes the 12 points he managed to take home from France. "What has been killing me lately has been the DNFs; it has been very costly in the championship."

In the opening race, Sergio Perez crashed out with mechanical problems, but for a long time afterwards things went well. Until the Canadian Grand Prix. In Montreal, the 32-year-old driver was also hit by problems with his RB18. In Austria he crashed out after too much damage after a collision with Mercedes driver George Russell. Three finishes in twelve races is just too much if you want to compete for the World Cup.

Perez hopes to do better

On the upcoming weekend, Perez says to "We’re going to be trying a few things this weekend, so hopefully [we can] get on top of everything. I’ve been more at home with the car, let’s put it that way, than in recent weekends, but there is nothing that really stands out. I think we should be able to sort it out quickly and get back on the form we’ve been in the whole season, basically. I think these next four races, four weekends are very crucial in the championship.”

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