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Fire at Red Bull Ring' turns out to be false alarm

Fire at Red Bull Ring' turns out to be false alarm

7 July - 12:26 Last update: 14:34


The Formula 1 teams are preparing for the next Grand Prix that is about to take place in Austria. Journalist Erik van Haren is present on behalf of De Telegraaf and was startled when he saw smoke in the distance on Thursday. However, it turned out to be a false alarm.

Formula 1 starts with the first free practice sessions on Friday. On Thursday, Van Haren suddenly saw a lot of smoke at the Red Bull Ring around 12:00pm, so he decided to post a photo on social media.

He wrote: "Something didn't go quite right at the Red Bull Ring. Now extinguished." However, a short time later he found out that the situation was different. "Nothing wrong, as it turns out. Firing up the Jet Bus' on the circuit. Will happen again soon," the journalist said.

Mercedes hopes for podium in Austria

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing are expected to battle it out for the podium once again this weekend in Austria, although Mercedes also seems to have a good chance. The team has fought back in recent weeks and was even on the podium again at Silverstone with Lewis Hamilton.

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