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Seidl reportedly charmed by Piastri: should Ricciardo fear?

Seidl reportedly charmed by Piastri: should Ricciardo fear?

7 July - 11:03 Last update: 13:12


Daniel Ricciardo is on the fence at McLaren. It's clear that the Australian is not performing well and Joe Saward reports in his latest blog that Andreas Seidl is said to be interested in Oscar Piastri

Silly Season will not be very exciting this year, as many seats for 2023 have already been filled. However, there are rumours here and there that will keep it exciting. McLaren has two drivers under contract for the coming season, Ricciardo and Lando Norris, but Ricciardo is far from sure of his place.

Piastri to McLaren?

The Australian has not yet met the expectations of the team but is on the payroll for a huge amount. Seidl's eye would now have fallen on Piastri. Ricciardo's fellow countryman is on the sidelines at Alpine and the French team does not seem to have any intention of parting with one of its regular drivers in 2023. McLaren smells an opportunity to pick up a great talent.

Where Williams seemed to be the only candidate to get Piastri, McLaren now also seems to be in the picture. Mark Webber is the manager of Piastri and knows Seidl from his time with Porsche. According to Saward, Seidl seems interested in this possible deal. For Ricciardo, that would mean the end at McLaren, but then his contract would have to be broken. 

Pressure on Alpine

It would also put Alpine in a difficult situation. Piastri leaving for Williams is not really a risk because Williams is not a competitor, but it is different in the case of McLaren. Piastri may leave Alpine if the team does not have a place for him in 2023, but a departure for the competitor will put some pressure on the French management. The team also lost Guanyu Zhou to Alfa Romeo earlier this year because there was no room for him at Alpine.

However, if Alpine wants to keep Piastri, it will have to give up Fernando Alonso or Esteban Ocon. The latter, however, has a contract and the former shows weekly that he is still one of the better drivers in F1. It is a difficult dilemma for Alpine, but possibly a luxury position for the reigning F2 champion.

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