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Albon on crash: 'Obviously, it can sound quite dramatic'

Albon on crash: 'Obviously, it can sound quite dramatic'

6 July - 17:21 Last update: 21:14


The British Grand Prix provided a lot of spectacle on track, but the early stages of the race were less positive. Guanyu Zhou took the hardest hit in a hard crash, although Alexander Albon was also unlucky.

The Williams driver was hoping to score points in England, but had to abandon the race before the first corner. Albon collided with several drivers, damaging his car to such an extent that he had to retire.

At the FIA press conference, however, the driver stressed that there were no major physical problems. "Obviously, it can sound quite dramatic when people go to hospital," Albon stated. "I just went for precautionary checks. It’s standard procedure, really."

Albon is therefore ready to show what he can do again this coming weekend in Austria. "Of course, it wasn’t ideal, but it ended up being just a few bumps and bruises. There was nothing major at all, so it was all good in the end."

Williams working hard on repairs

Behind the scenes, meanwhile, the racing team is working hard to get the car finished on time. Williams are planning updates for the race weekend in France and would rather not have the implementation delayed by repairs to Albon's car. It is therefore expected that the team will meet its schedule.

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