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Marko doesn't miss fight with Mercedes: 'Never seen it before'

Marko doesn't miss fight with Mercedes: 'Never seen it before'

6 July - 16:24 Last update: 21:13


Helmut Marko has been working with Max Verstappen for years, but he still enjoys the extreme qualities that the Dutchman has to offer. The Austrian sees the reigning world champion as one of the greatest drivers ever in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton may have seven world titles to his name, but last season he struggled to match the level of Verstappen. The Briton was unable to get a grip all season and missed out on the top prize in the final race in Abu Dhabi.

That Verstappen would win the world championship came as no surprise to Marko. Indeed, for years he has been amazed at what Verstappen can do. "In terms of character, dedication, self-confidence and charisma I would compare him to Ayrton Senna," he said in conversation with Motorsport-magazin.com.

Marko on tensions Red Bull and Mercedes

Red Bull Racing has shown this season that it is not a one-day wonder. Despite facing a tough battle in 2021, it built a car that allowed it to compete with Ferrari this time around. After a difficult start, the Austrian formation is far ahead in the championship.

Marko is particularly pleased that the tensions that were palpable between Mercedes and Red Bull last season are not in the air this race year. "I've been working at Red Bull for almost 20 years now and I've never seen an atmosphere like the one between us and Mercedes last season," he said.

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