Italian media critical of Ferrari: 'Illogical that Leclerc was sacrificed'

Italian media critical of Ferrari: 'Illogical that Leclerc was sacrificed'

4 July - 11:58 Last update: 13:06

The Italian media's attention after the British Grand Prix was naturally focused on Carlos Sainz' s first win in Formula 1, but the press was left with a sour taste in their mouths for the race at Silverstone. Charles Leclerc missed out on the podium after a strategic decision not to change from hard to soft tyres under the safety car.

Corriere dello Sport

The newspaper does not entirely agree with Mattia Binotto's words afterwards. The team boss gave some reasons why Leclerc stayed on the track, but this doesn't quite go down with Corriere Dello Sport. "Spin it any way you want, but the smell of a serious mistake lingers in our opinion. If Leclerc is ahead of Sainz in the world championship and is the first trump card in the championship against Verstappen, then it is illogical that he is the one who is sacrificed."

Ferrari' s last victory in the British GP was in 2018 when Sebastian Vettel won. "With another victory - an always welcome slap in the face for the British - there is certainly a blemish that is difficult to hide," it read. Leclerc is then given heart. "On the tarmac he was very fast, faster than Sainz. He was determined and made a magical counterattack on Hamilton at Copse."

Gazzetta dello Sport

Italy's biggest sports newspaper is also clear:"The decision to keep Leclerc on the track with hard tyres is baffling. The Monegasque was helpless because the rest were on softs. As a result he missed out on a great opportunity to regain a lot of points from Verstappen. At the end of the race, the Red Bull garage heaved a sigh of relief as Max managed to limit the loss."

La Gazzetta Dello Sport also has little to blame Leclerc for. He even gets a 9.0 for his performance, higher than Sainz (8.5). "He loses a Grand Prix he had in his grip by a pit decision reminiscent of the Monaco GP. The duel with the hardest and most worn tyres in the final with Hamilton was worth the price of admission. Aggressive and ruthless, but if they [Ferrari] don't put him in a position to win ... "

Sky Italia:

On the website of the broadcaster in Italy, there is also criticism of Ferrari's decisions."A race with a thousand emotions. Everything revolves around the Ferrari strategy which left a nasty taste in the mouth of the Monegasque driver. Leclerc showed maturity after the race, but did not hide his disappointment."

"It was decided, as also happened in Monte Carlo, to protect the race of Sainz more than the driver who is actually fighting for the world championship against Verstappen at the moment. The Dutchman finished only seventh due to damage. And for this very reason the feeling of having missed a great and valuable opportunity stings all the more, according to the publication.

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