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Red Bull twice in top ten, but not fastest in pit lane

Red Bull twice in top ten, but not fastest in pit lane

4 July - 09:13 Last update: 09:54


Alpine set the fastest time in the pit lane this weekend. During Fernando Alonso 's pit stop, the French racing team needed the least time of all.

With the new regulations and corresponding tyres for 2022, this season's pit stop times are a little closer together. Whereas Red Bull Racing have dominated the timesheets in recent years after years of training, they now have to start all over again with the new procedures.

Fastest time for Alpine

At the British Grand Prix, it was Alpine who had the fastest pit stop. The team needed only 2.43s for the pit stop of Alonso, who then made his way to fifth place. Aston Martin's Lance Stroll' s pit stop took two hundredths slower. Third place went to the winner of the day, Carlos Sainz, with a time of 2.57s.

The fact that Red Bull still pays a lot of attention to the pit stops is evident from two spots in the top ten. On P4 is the pit stop of Max Verstappen with a time of 2.60s and on P7 is the pit stop of Sergio Perez with a time of 2.68s. Further in the top tie we see pit stops by Lando Norris, Nicholas Latifi, Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton.

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