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2026 engine regulations delayed, Wolff hopes for September announcement

2026 engine regulations delayed, Wolff hopes for September announcement

28 June - 15:28 Last update: 16:16


On 29 June 2022, the FIA's plans for the new 2026 engine regulations were due to be published. On Thursday it became clear that this announcement had been postponed and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says at Motorsport.com that it could take even longer than 'a few weeks'.

Porsche and Audi were getting ready to announce that both German brands would enter Formula 1 from 2026. Porsche seemed to want to do so already on the weekend of the Austrian Grand Prix, which is held on 10 July. Due to the delay at the FIA to get the rules right, both Porsche and Audi have to wait with this announcement.

Wolff shows understanding

Wolff regrets that the new engine regulations cannot be announced yet, but shows understanding for the decision. According to the Austrian, it is not easy to satisfy both new and existing companies within Formula 1.

Wolff himself has a date in mind to show the new regulations to the world, namely in September. He also says that Mercedes wants to start working on the new regulations as soon as they are ready.

Porsche and Audi in F1

The new engine regulations are very important for Formula 1. Currently there are only four engine manufacturers in F1 and this number needs to increase as soon as possible. The interest of Audi and Porsche is a good sign for the sport. Porsche seems to be on its way to a partnership with Red Bull Racing. Audi seems to be going into partnership with Aston Martin, Sauber (Alfa Romeo) or Williams.

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