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Criticism of plan for possible GP in Nice: 'That's something for Formula E'

Criticism of plan for possible GP in Nice: 'That's something for Formula E'

27-06-2022 11:44 Last update: 13:51


Formula 1 is reportedly in the process of moving the French Grand Prix from Paul-Ricard to Nice to hold a street race. The French coastal town would thus be the replacement for the race in Paul-Ricard and possibly also the replacement for the Monaco Grand Prix. The plan could count on a lot of criticism, including from former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi.

"Since Liberty Media has been in charge, the popularity curve of Formula 1 has skyrocketed," Alesi commented in a conversation with NiceMatin. However, according to the former F1 driver, F1 will not have the last word if a possible Grand Prix is actually organised in Nice. According to the Frenchman, the city will always have the last word.

Nice not a suitable location for F1

With the possible talks about a Grand Prix in Nice, two races would be endangered. First of all the French Grand Prix, which would go from Paul-Ricard to Nice and secondly the Monaco Grand Prix, which is a half-hour drive from the centre of Nice.

The organisers of the Monaco Grand Prix are currently in talks with the Formula 1 management. A new contract has to be signed for 2023, but this is not going smoothly at the moment. During the race weekend in Monaco, it was revealed that the organisers have to give up a number of exclusive rights in order to remain on the calendar, due to the large demand for a Formula 1 race.

The Grand Prix in Nice would then have to become a street race, but according to Alesi Formula 1 is not the right racing class for that. "Urban tracks, we see them, especially in Formula E where free practice, qualifying and the race are concentrated on a single day. In F1, it's not really a strong trend. In France and in Italy, I have a hard time imagining an F1 race in the city."