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Leclerc not happy with FIA: 'Responsibility of the team'

Leclerc not happy with FIA: 'Responsibility of the team'

17 June - 16:25 Last update: 19:52


Charles Leclerc is not happy with the intervention of the FIA. Ferrari seems to be at a disadvantage with the new 'technical directives' and the Monegasque clearly lets his opinion be heard about it.

Porpoising in F1

The FIA has announced in the run-up to the Canadian Grand Prix that there will be stricter controls on porpoising. The F1 governing body wants to reduce this phenomenon for safety reasons. Mercedes in particular insisted on this, but not everyone agrees.

Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko were outraged that the rules were changed halfway through the season after complaints from Mercedes and Guenther Steiner fears that the ranking may change because of these new rules. At Ferrari, they are not happy with the new regulations either. It's no secret that the F1-75 bounces a lot, but the Italian team has managed to still be fast.

Leclerc not agreeing with FIA decision

So the rules could impact Ferrari if the Italians actually have to tune their car higher. ''The team is responsible for providing me with a car that is good to drive. I haven't had a problem with it so far,'' Leclerc said at the press conference according to Motorsport-magazin.com.

George Russell is annoyed that Verstappen and Leclerc don't want to think about safety, but according to Leclerc, the problem lies with the teams themselves. He also wonders aloud how the FIA intends to control this. ''We have to be careful how we judge data from different cars. Per team, you have to see how bad it (bouncing) is,'' the Monegasque concludes.

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